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I want to start off by thanking all the wonderful couples I have got to photograph. You are my inspiration to write this blog post and to help all of my future brides and grooms.

We all know know how stressful a wedding day can be, and so I thought I’d shed a little bit insight as to how I can better prepare you for that special day. When I got married, I didn’t know where to start, all I knew was that there was a huge event I had to plan.No lie! We were so stressed and nervous, and felt that we had to make sure everything was perfect, that we practically lost sight of what our wedding day was going to represent.  Needless to say my hubby and I wanted to call off our wedding and take all the money that we would be spending on our wedding day and go off to Puerto Rico and elope. Yup! Just the two of us! We then decided that we couldn’t do that, we wanted to share our union with our loved ones, and I kind of was sucked into the dressing up and all the glamours of a wedding day.

The planning continued, and although everything turned out great boy do we have stories of how the day unfolded. I laugh and I cringe a little every time I remember. And this leads to the next part part of my post. We all have different ways of doing things, and I understand that. But I really wish there was someone to tell me the importance of a timeline. If I would have had a timeline I would have had time for family portraits, I would have had time for more fun photos and more portraits with my hubby. We didn’t have enough photos with our loved ones or with each other. We didn’t make sure that we had everything organized the night before and ended up leaving my sons tux at our house and so my son wasn’t in our wedding as we had originally planned it. We weren’t organized and thank goodness for the internet, there are whole websites for helping you plan your big day. I suggest you take advantage of them all and use their free tools to make sure your day is as stress free as possible by make sure you are well organized. I am your wedding photographer and I will always a have timeline ready for you if you need one, I will also follow up this post by blogging about my tips and tricks for wedding days.

Here is a link to The Knots Website and one to Wedding Wire’s tools. Check them out.
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