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Election day is tomorrow, and everyone is giving their last minute opinion. So I thought I’d give mine, too. I believe in happiness and I believe in a UNITED country. It’s saddens me to see our country so divided, and it’s even more devastating when I read posts from my friends on my facebook dishing out such anger and rude comments about other people. See, what I don’t understand is why judge someone else based on their opinion or political view. Yes, we have the right to vote and chose whom ever we think is worthy of being our president, but why be rude or offensive about it. There is no need to call people names or say such wretched things. These words are being put out there for everyone to see, these cruel words are being read by everyone, why is that because you have a strong opinion about something and someone doesn’t agree with you, they are a horrible person for it. I teach my children to be nice to others, I teach them not to be rude to others, I teach them to share with others, I teach them how to always say please and thank you. The truth is that there will always be something that we don’t agree on, there will always be elections, there will always be things that some of us want and others don’t. What upsets me the most is when people say if you don’t vote this you’re this. Really, then how are we better than the other person?  We should all learn how to live together in a UNITED country not in a DIVIDED country or a country full of hate towards each other. So next time you say something vile on any social media site, please be mindful who is reading it on the other side. There are ways of stating your opinion, without being abhorrent. This is not about sides, this is about how to treat others the way we want to be treated. Stand up for what you believe in and voice your opinion, just be nice about it.  I believe in a life full of love and happiness, what about you?Comments 1

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Last night when I was in bed, I was thinking about how much my life had changed in the past 3.5 years. I went from being a workaholic single mom to a stay at home married mom of 2. This hasn’t been easy for me, for many reasons. One being that I have always had a job ever since I was 15. So to be home and depend on your hubby to bring in the mula, is a tough pill to swallow. I wanted to do something for our family and start a business, a business that is really difficult to start, because let’s face it there is nothing there is nothing easy about starting a cleaning business, or at least that’s what my experience was. To me it was more than just starting a business it was more than that, to me it was going to be a business that would change the way people look at janitors. My respect goes out to all the janitors in world, it’s one of the hardest jobs out there. I began the process, I started it up, I networked, I cold called, I had business cards made, I made a website, I had a tax ID Number, I had insurance, I even got a couple of cleaning jobs. For one whole year I spent  long days, and hours and hours on trying to get it off the ground. I reached a point after many tears that this just wasn’t a part of God’s plan for me. You see, I believe that God has a plan for each and everyone of us, so I had to accept that there was a higher power dictating what I was supposed to do. HE just had a better plan for me. I had to let it go, and there I was feeling like a failure, because I had to give up on something that I had invested so much of my time in, I had given up on something that I felt so passionate about. But I kept telling myself, stop feeling sorry for yourself and this song’s line kept coming to mind “if at first you don’t succeed, get up and try again” (I am sure I could have used better quotes, but hey I happened to like that song.)

Then I saw the light!

That is when I decided after having a couple of different part time jobs that, I needed to be my own boss and do something that I felt really happy doing, something that didn’t feel like ‘work’, so my husband suggested photography. I loved photography, I took photography in high school, why not?! I was like ok, let’s do it, let’s see what happens, started to put together a portfolio of things I had done in the past and put out an ad on Craigslist and BOOM, I booked my first wedding. I was so pumped, that I someone picked me to be their wedding photographer. Thank GOD for that couple who believed in me and my abilities. I was then a nervous wreck, I was scared,  I didn’t want to disappoint them, so with that being said I shot like 2K photos on their wedding day. I know, right!…ALOT… I wanted to make sure I got really good photos. They loved my photos, I gave them about 600 photos, more than what they wanted, more like 500 more than what they wanted. They were so happy, they loved my photos, and I was so proud of myself. That was the best feeling ever, I did something so special for them, something that will las them forever, I captured a truly special moment for them, a special moment that they will be able to look back at and smile. I had found my calling, I have found my calling! I love what I do, how many of you can say them same, if you can than you have found your calling, if you can’t then keep looking, you’ll find it.

God Bless all of you!

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We just want to have fun and have some food in our tummies! (in case you’re wondering this is how we get when we don’t get fed.)






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